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Income protection

Each year, circa one million people suddenly find themselves unable to work due to illness or injury. If this happened to you, could you survive financially? You might be able to get sick pay from your employer or support from benefits, but this could be less than you expect or not last as long as you think. If you couldn’t work, how would you pay your mortgage, rent or bills?

Income Protection Insurance (IPI) is designed to provide replacement income for people who are working and need continuing income if they are unable to work through long-term disability of illness. The benefits from individual IPI policies are paid as income (unlike a Critical Illness cover which usually pays a lump sum) which is tax-free if paid direct to the insured person.

There are a range of benefit options available within IPI policies that can alter the price of the premium. We will research the Providers, on your behalf, and discuss the options available with you to ensure that the most appropriate policy is selected.