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Life Cover

Term assurance guarantees your family a payment if you die within a specific time period. People often take out life insurance because they want their dependants to be able to cover housing costs, for example, if the worst happens.

The amount of cover can remain the same (level), increase and decrease depending on the policy type selected. We are here to help you decide which type of plan best suits your needs for now, and the future.

Many companies offer their staff’s families a lump-sum payment if the employee dies while they are employed by the firm. These are commonly known as Death in Service benefits, changing employer can mean a change in benefits. Privately funding this cover safeguards against losing your job or your employer changing the benefits that they offer. We can review your situation with you to help you decide if an independently structured policy is more appropriate.

The price you pay for a life insurance policy depends on a number of things.

These include:

  • Your age
  • Your health
  • Your lifestyle
  • Whether you smoke
  • The length of the policy

For example, the younger you are and the less likely you’re to die from a medical condition, the cheaper your policy is likely to be. We will use this information to research the marketplace to find the cheapest and most suitable policy to meet your needs.

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