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Business Solutions

The needs of companies, partnerships and corporations have a large overlap with areas within which we provide advice. With a growing regulatory onus on employers to provide pension and savings benefits to their staff it is vital that advice is taken.

A well constructed employee benefits package should look to fulfil your regulatory obligations with the greatest efficiency. Whatever the level of investment by you as the employer, it should be leveraged as to present the greatest level of value to your staff.

Aside from the obvious pastoral benefit, this will help you to attract and retain the best staff thus reducing the recruitment, training, and productivity lag associated with staff turnover.

Services and advice to employers can cover, among other things:

  • Group personal pension
  • Group sipp
  • Directors benefits
  • Executive arrangements
  • Stakeholder pensions
  • National Employers Savings Trust (NEST)
  • Salary sacrifice
  • Healthcare benefit
  • Death in service
  • Income protection
  • Private dental
  • Keyman assurance
  • Shareholder protection
  • Welfare and counselling services