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Investment Solutions

Along with tax, the underlying investment and its associated risk are at the top of the list in their importance to us in planning to meet your needs. We consider a wide range of factors before proposing a bespoke solution to meet each aspect of your requirements.

Central to our thinking is the ability to preserve capital and make investment gains in all investment conditions and economic environments. Great emphasis is put on minimising the costs of providing these solutions – looking after the marginal costs over many years can have a profound effect on long term returns.

Our core investment solution offers a method that combines capital protection with market beating returns. In addition to these core services we will consider a wide range of specialist options allowing us to allocate smaller parts of your wealth to specific and niche areas of growth and income potential.

We ONLY offer investment advice on the principles of collective fund investment but can tailor any of your investment wrappers for you to make individual stock selections.

Types of investment and the wrappers they apply to:

  • Tracker Funds
  • Indexing
  • Exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • Absolute return
  • Global macro
  • Specialist funds
  • ISA
  • Onshore bond
  • Offshore bond
  • Childrens ISAs
  • Unit trusts
  • OEICs
  • Cash deposits
  • Structured investments
  • National savings (NS&I)
  • Alternative investments