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Surrey: 01932 918291

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4 reasons to choose Stonehill as your independent financial advisor
You can trust us
We have our clients’ best interests at heart. We are honest and open. Integrity is fundamentally important to us.
We are simply a very high quality local IFA
Stonehill is not an old fashioned, stuffy advisor stuck in the past. Nor are we a transitory company based on current fashions and with superficial services.
Clients recommend us again and again
Referrals are the key to Stonehill’s business strategy. Our business is built on recommendations because clients are happy with us and tell their friends and colleagues
Customers are considered friends
You can have a relaxed chat with Stonehill, even though fundamentally we are still a very conscientious IFA. It’s a partnership. We are on first name terms with all our clients.